How To Download YouTube Videos

How To Download YouTube Videos

YouTube, the largest web video platform, now owned by Google with its most popular search engine in the world, has entertained, informed and helped millions of people work for years. A video sharing site has been shown to offer multimedia content more quickly and practically than any other competitor. Nothing could have Vimeo, Veoh, Dailymotion and so many other services against its immediacy and infinite availability of stuff from which to draw. An advent started on PCs with Windows operating system and then dissipated also on mobile devices running Android, iOS and so on.

YouTube is used by artists to upload their music and get acquainted with it, and is used to upload and download fun YouTube videos for entertainment, commercials, movie trailers, and so on. In short, anything you can watch on a screen jakartacopy. There are also those who work on this site in fact, for many years now, in Italy and abroad, the figure of Youtuber, a person who is filming and making videos while talking about some of the topical issues (the so-called Vlogs ) Or while playing video games (making gameplay) or making a review.

Given the great availability of content on this platform, almost all webmasters are concerned at least once in the life of downloading YouTube videos or downloading music from YouTube as video clips so they can be offline even on PCs, notebooks, smartphones and other devices. Here we present you a guide where we will show you the best ways to download free YouTube videos safely.

How to download YouTube videos Save-Video


With this service we will have the fastest and easiest way to download from YouTube without going to sites or downloading any special program. Various formats are available to download videos and different qualities (even in high resolution). Usable formats are MP4, WEBM, FLV, 3GP and finally MP3 to store as audio or music tracks.

But beware of the various advertisements that will open you using this service and simply navigating the site. In fact, even if you can download free YouTube videos using this website, the cost will be to navigate a full web site full of advertising that will open simply by clicking on any item. It is therefore advisable to use it only if it has an antivirus and that it will close the publicity that will open under your eyes as soon as possible.

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