Model of minimalist home pool 2017

Minimalist house is a house that is visible small or simple. But if you have entered it, there could be you will be surprised with the contents inside. So much stuff and furniture that can fit into it. Depending on how we to organize or design everything that can enter into. No exception to the pool. If we talk about the orientation pool we always aim that the pool is big and takes up a lot of places. But with a minimalist pond house, all assumption that seemed to be broken.

If inside your minimalist house there is still the rest of the place that is not used. You can make a minimalist home pool. No matter the rest of the place is outside the house or inside your house can still make this small house pool. Because the size is simple and not too much place. There is no reason this pool can not be made inside the house. After the making is done, designing the pool is the most important thing.minimalist pond house

Designing a minimalist home pool is actually easy. There are several variants that can be used to beautify the pool. The simplest addition to adding fish in it is by using plants, rocks, grass as the spices. You can organize the grass or rocks by the pool, and add the water plants in it. If you want, you can also make the water flow from the top down so it looks like a waterfall. House with your small pool was already so.

View of Minimalist House Pool

In addition to making the house becomes more filled pond minimalist home also makes the house look more beautiful and more alive. Calmness, coolness are the things that can be felt when close to the pool. Suitable for workers who are tired or even stressed through their work. The fish that swam here and there, the water plants that wobbled over the water, and the sounds of the little waterfalls made. This scene makes you feel as if you’re on vacation in a lake or a waterfall in which there are many fish, to make you forget for a moment that pressurize the mind.


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