Raise Your Landscaping Garden

If you are considering planting your own garden, you may not have known that you have two choices. You can either plant a regular, ground based, vegetable garden or you can plant a raised bed vegetable garden. The choice is ultimately up to you, but you should know that there are four very good reasons why it is in your benefit to build a raised bed type of garden instead of a traditional garden on the ground. Unfortunately, the only drawback is that it takes a bit more work and costs more in terms of supplies.

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The first reason for choosing the raised bed or elevated type of garden is that it is better for your soil–which means that in turn, it is better for your plants. An elevated garden allows the soil to stay warmer even if the weather gets significantly cooler. This makes it far easier for your plants to get the nutrients out of the soil that they need. And it helps act as a buffer against keeping the plants from freezing on abnormally cool evenings. Not only does the soil stay warmer, but it warms faster as well.

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Secondly, by keeping the soil elevated, the soil is able to more easily drain. This means that if you accidentally over water your plants, they will not simply sit there “drowning” in the water. Any excess water that the plants are not able to soak up will simply drain out into the dirt below your raised bed vegetable garden. Furthermore, better drainage allows for your plants to discard of any waste they produce much easier–providing a perfect atmosphere for optimal growth of your vegetables and leading to better tasting crops.

Thirdly, gardens that have been raised up off the ground provide for a more attractive look. While some plants can add to the look and feel of your home’s landscaping by being planted anywhere, garden variety vegetable plants always look better when they are raised up. As long as you can design and build an attractive looking raised bed style garden, it will add a very appealing look to your landscape, possibly netting you more money when you eventually go to sell your home.

Finally, in some places in America, the native dirt is far too difficult to plant vegetable crops in, and an elevated garden can make planting your favorite vegetables significantly easier. You build the raised bed vegetable garden above the rock hard dirt, add in your own soil, and never have to worry about digging a hole in dirt that is filled with rock and clay and completely lacking in nutrients.

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