Shadows, Lights and Silhouettes For Photography Tips

Shadows, Lights and Silhouettes For Photography Tips

They are containers. Simple to the limit of the banal. A photo that everyone can do and that does not require the knowledge of any photographic technique. But Piero, the photographer, has been able to make this composition alive and unique, simply adding light. A light striking the containers side by side creating a fiery clearing game, a blend of light and shadows. A blend that makes the photo just beautiful.

Even this view has nothing to do with absolute observation smiles multimedia. But Tullio waited for the right time to take the shot, waited for the sun to move in such a way to fill with the shadows the small slopes present. Creating in the picture two oblique lines, a V made of shadows. Shadows, again, are able to radically change the feeling that this landscape can provide us.

Osama used the shadows in a different context to provide depth to the scene, dramatic. He played on the net contrast between the strong sunlight and the slit shadows. Accentuating the sense of thirst, of loneliness that the click communicates.

In the photo following the lights and shadows have been used to provide depth to the scene, along with the use of diagonal lines, repetitions and perspective.


And on the shadows and lights is another very used technique in the field of photography the silhouette. The silhouette is in effect extruding the concept of using shadows in a photo as it brings the intensity of these to the limit, effectively deleting all the details present within the shaded area and reducing it to a simple shaping . The silhouette photo, depriving a subject of interior details at its perimeter, returns a profile that is the true essence of the subject (animal, human or plant) that we want to photograph.

A perimeter, a container that does not reveal the contents, hiding it in the eye of the observer and allowing it to be spaced with the mind and imagination in an attempt to imagine what that silhouette actually contains.


Not at all the silhouette is often used to resume silhouettes of women, leaving the viewer to use the imagination. Make a case in front of a silhouette, your eyes will go through the profile multiple times, in an attempt to see a detail, a pixel that can communicate something that can help our mind associate that figure with a real image And colored.

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