The Livingroom For Old House

The Livingroom For Old House

The sinuous lines of the shelves and shelves are also introduced into the living space, creating a wraparound configuration in which fits the classic fireplace reread through the use of steel for door and plumbing. Even the sofa seat fits in the interweaving of curved lines, going to take a bend in the wall. The space is open and ongoing, fascinating and comfortable.

Unique decor in every room

The dining room takes up the use of wood for the table and chairs, a shade lighter than that of the ceiling and the floor. The presence of a skylight allows to illuminate the area in a natural way, relaunched brightness by mirror embedded in a curved structure protruding from the wall, also used as a storage shelf.

The terrace

The door opens we see on the terrace of the house. Here too we find the exposed beams to the ceiling covering. net and dry lines for sitting, with white cushions that reflect the neutrality of the walls. The terracotta floor enriches and characterizes outer space.

The master bathroom

The bath enriches the variety of the natural materials used in the house. The wooden floors and ceilings, in fact, plus the rich texture of the mosaic tiled shower, whose pieces give life to depth and references. A happy reinterpretation of rustic style, which combines geometry and curved lines, the shine of the ceramic surface, the natural simplicity of the wooden surfaces.

Gabled and mood lighting for the bedroom

The bedroom gabled uses with frugal simplicity structures and materials. Beams, flooring planks of wood, white walls, a wall recess used as a table top. Whites are also the bedside table and the scale used as shelving, post beside the door that opens onto the terrace. Lights oriented move the light on the ceiling and the floor, highlighting and enhancing structures and geometries, bringing a soft, warm light throughout the room.

The roof

The roof has been turned into a large terrace. Starting from its horizontal structures, floors and seats around the perimeter walls. The white walls alternating the heat of the tiled floor. The sitting that we see in the foreground, takes origin also in this case by bearing structures, from which it moves naturally. The pallet table, the strains used as seats, are elegant touches of rustic simplicity. Even in this case, the lights seem to take origin by the very structure of the house, creating a feeling of warmth and organicity.

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